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A Better Night's Rest
Moon and Stars
Sleep deprivation can not only have a detrimental affect on one's ability to focus, it also negatively effects mood, hunger/appetite, and stress levels. In this program, participants will learn about obstacles they might face to getting a good night's sleep. This program offers tips and tools for achieving better sleep and will answer any questions that may come up along the way.
"Thank you again for presenting such a wonderful program to the Ed. School yesterday. I've heard nothing but positive comments all day today. Everyone who I spoke to had tried some of the techniques the night before.One lady told me she slept amazingly the night of the event."
          - Kristin Foster, Faculty Assistant, Harvard Graduate School of Education
Sexual Health 101
Safe Sex
This workshop covers general sexual health information such as safe sex practices that decrease STI risk, contraceptive options including the condom, pill, and IUD, and how to access relevant services through Harvard University Health Services. It also emphasizes the diversity of experiences surrounding sex and sexuality, and the importance of clear and open communication. It aims to ensure that students are equipped with the information they need to make happy and healthy choices for themselves, whenever they feel the time is right for them.